Latest MLB 10 The Show Patch Includes Scoring Bug

Latest MLB 10 The Show Patch Includes Scoring Bug

Patch No. 3 for MLB 10 The Show was delivered to PS3 users earlier this morning, but unfortunately contains a rather serious error – runs crossing the plate on a third out are counted, where they shouldn’t.

Pasta Padre noticed the glitch earlier today; we emailed Sony Computer Entertainment America to enquire about any fix plans or workaround. A spokesman told Kotaku that SCEA was aware of the issue and currently working to correct it.

The bug itself points to one of the complicated ways in which a basic baseball result has to be interpreted by a game’s AI. Specifically, it has to recognise when a third out is a force out – the majority are – because no run may be tallied on such a play regardless of when the runner crosses the plate.

Other changes made by the patch include keeping unranked matches from counting towards wins and losses in online play; fixing catcher decisions when automatic throwing is enabled, and catchers overthrowing first base on dropped third strikes, and correcting bugs that prevented trades from being made during spring training in franchise and season modes.

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