Left 4 Dead 2 Kicks Off 'Bleed Out', Adds Game Changing Vote

This weekend, things are going to get even harder for the poor Survivors from Left 4 Dead 2, thanks to the game's latest rule-changing "Mutation". And one Mutation is up for permanent, not weekly, contention.

"Bleed Out", the second gameplay variation added to the rotation to those who have upgraded to Left 4 Dead 2's first expansion, The Passing, will afflict the Survivors with "no permanent health, only temporary health that is continuously ticking away." This time, it affects the game's Campaign mode.

Valve notes on the official L4D blog that the Left 4 Dead 2 in-game poll poses an important question: "Should we make Realism Versus a permanent game mode?" Sure. Why not? Why not make them all permanent?

Puking and Bleeding Out [L4D Blog]


    I can tell you why, it would make it hard to find players in any fo the dozens of game modes that we would have then.

      or you could just stop being a wimp and play versus on realism like the real pillars of society do

        That's if he can even find/play an 8 player game mode! I know I can't!

    Because if they did that, it would end up like CODs modes, only the popular game modes would have people in them and the others would sit there gathering dust

    I can't find a non-laggy match of L4D2 on the 360, ever. Even when the room's just full of Australians.

    I'm tempted to sell the 360 version and try PC - except that Steam would enforce the region garbage.

    Is anyone in Australia actually playing L4D any more, given how badly they treat us?

      You can play the Australian version and hack it to become uncensored. Just follow what this website says:


      It worked for me and it still is, haven't got detected by steam either!

      I would play L4D if I wasnt playing L4D2.

      And I'm of the opinion they should just keep them on a weekly rotation.

      I still play. I don't have many serious lag issues because I play with people with killer internet connections, or people who are geographically close to me.

    I play with a bunch of 7 friends - we all play on a hosted Internode server - it's been great.

    I hope they keep the realism versus as a perm entry. Loved playing it.

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