Left 4 Dead 2 Mutates Into Single-Player Game

Zombie enthusiasts go it alone this week with the latest Left 4 Dead 2 Mutation, "Last Man On Earth". No splitscreen, no Survivor bots and no Common Infected - it's just you and some Special Infected in single-player mode.


    ...So basically it's one hit and you're dead, with how the special infected work. What a terrible idea.

      actually it's really fun. you get two chances. if you get caught by an infected once you automatically get released, but you go black and white and if you get caught again, you die. once you find a health kit you get your second chance back again. it's intense. it's supposef to be ridiculously hard, it's more of a "how far can I get" kind of thing

    I would actually prefer it around the other way, remove the special infected. I have seen mods done before in which the game is limited to 1 player only, all background music is removed so all you can hear is your heatbeat and the sounds of common infected. Only these mods don't give you more than 1 chance. If you are handy with melee weapons it isn't too difficult but it is great fun.

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