Less Focus On DRM, More On Anti-Piracy Tech

Blizzard tells VideoGamer it has spent more development time focusing on "content and cool features" than on anti-piracy tech. What's more, DRM is described as a "losing battle". This attitude, however, sounds like a winning one.


    DRM doesn’t work. You’re not going to scare or force pirates to suddenly start paying for games, because the people who pirate games always find ways to get around it. The only thing DRM does accomplish is cheapen the experience for all the people who buy it legitimately. Or perhaps cheapen isn’t the right word.

    Sure, maybe piracy has gone down since DRM became a buzzword (has it?). But the amount of DRM related garbage is certainly on the rise. Every other week I hear about some game that has needlessly strict guidelines on it just to actually play, that often don’t work and just lock people out of the game.

    Is the goodwill your company is going to lose really worth it? How many people now think THQ are a bunch of money grabbers? Or that Ubisoft are just assholes?

    Blizzard has always been very light on the restrictions, so I doubt other companies will actually want to do the same.

      Neither approach, in their current forms, works to any extend to stop piracy. Numerous examples show that more advanced and 'secure' DRM is broken nearly as quickly as 'light' DRM. Furthermore, developers that take the 'higher quality' approach and attempt to appeal to people's good morals have their games pirated just as much.

      Even products sold as 'pay what you want' get pirated obscene amounts.

      There's no nice solutions. There aren't many unpleasant solutions either.

    I will gladly give Blizzard my money, I just hope other gamers will do the same instead of pirating SCII. Blizzard and Valve are awesome at what they do, lets not give them excuse to turn into PC haters.

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