Let's Imagine New Pokemons!

On Sunday, Japanese kids' show Pokémon Sunday showed silhouettes of new characters in the all-new forthcoming game Pocket Monsters: Black and White. Time to imagine what these characters will look like!

Pokémon Black and White is a completely new Pocket Monster series. And this fall, the fifth-generation Pokémon series will be released on the Nintendo DS in Japan. Have a look at game screens.

ポケモン最新作、ブラック・ホワイトの御三家のシルエットが公開!早速作られるコラ画像 [はちま起稿]


    Bidoof flood is just too good haha.

    Super Mario, I choose you!

    God I love sh** like this xD

    3 and 4 (from the silhouette) seem to be real enough.

    The rest are damn funny. Mine are 7, 8 and 9. Though that huge ass beak on #1 got a chuckle.

    bidoof one is reasonable enough for the next starter pokemon.

    bloody brilliant idea made me actually lol

    Haha, I was looking for pics like this the other day.

    I like this one in particular:


    Looks better than actual Pokemon graphics! Lols

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