LittleBigPlanet 2 Unveiled With This Snazzy Trailer

Digital puppetry? Intelligent design? Homespun tales? Whole games? It looks like LittleBigPlanet 2 isn't just official, it's going to be amazing.


    And here I was convinced when they put out that press release saying 'We're not making LBP2! We're supporting LBP with DLC!' silly me for believing press releases! Silly ME!

      Wait you're not counting the year and a half they supported this with DLC?

        And what appears to be a way to transfer LBP1 DLC (judging by the Guile sack in the background).

    i thought lbp was terrible.

    Wait 5 minutes between levels to download somebodies piece of crap platforming...

      That's ok, you're aloud to be wrong.

    Trailer looks pretty awesome, i just hope they fix the controls though, especially the driving ones, i could not stand the first game. May just be me though.

    Makes you wonder why they didn't wait for E3 too announce this?

      Too many leaks? Might as well just 'fess up about it....

      More to the point, LBP2, EXCITEMENT!

        You stole my comment! Which is to say... EXCITEMENT! :D

          I know right! It sounds fantastic! And this year as well! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!

    I personally loved the first game, the controls did feel a bit iffy but forgivable for the amount of creativity on display from the developers and the community alike. The game was an absolute blast if you were able to get a full four-player game going. Looking forward to grabbing this excellent-looking sequel on day one!

    Gotta give it to Media Molecule, they make the players feel really important.

    Looks pretty rad, might let my GF pick this up for 'herself' ;)

    this is complete win. and it works with old levels is epic!

    Stephen Fry leaked this ages ago, but I liked that trailer.

    My favorite bit was the rats racing. That's awesome.

      Yes, well here's hoping he narrates again this time, it just won't be the same without Stephen!

        There is no substitute for awesome.

    I'm still yet to buy a PS3 - but holy crap this looks freaking awesome!!!

    I've always wanted to play the first and this one looks even better!

    I would consider buying a ps3 just for this

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