Load-Time-Shortening ModNation Racers Update In The Works

ModNation Racers on PlayStation 3 may be a fine racing game, but its frequent 30-plus-second load times are lamentable. Good thing one of the game's producers told us a fix is coming.

"That's something we are aware of," ModNation producer Dan Sochan told Kotaku on our latest edition of Kotaku Talk Radio when I mentioned the loading-time complaints to him. "There are certain reasons why we did the loading that we did, to keep transfer times between characters, karts and tracks when you're racing against people online, that all of those are really quick. But we are working on it and expect an update."

An update that might shorten the load times? "Yes."

ModNation Racers, like LittleBigPlanet also on the PlayStation 3 has been built to enable players to heavily customise their content - in this case their racers, race cars and tracks. Balancing the ability for gamers to share their creations and for the game to run swiftly is a challenge. Let's hope that a little more tweaking and the presumably downloadable update to which Sochan referred improves things all around.


    this is great news, though to be honest i dont mind the current load times, considering what the game has to offer.

    the first load up is punishing, about 5 mins from putting in the disk to the mod spot, and you can't leave it cus it requires 2 or 3 button presses during the process

    Game is impossible to enjoy with the current load times. Sorry MNR, I'll stick to Mariokart 64. Gameplay as good or better, and NO LOAD TIMES! I don't need graphics, just a fun game.

    I've been playing some old ps1 and dreamcast games recently and wow The load times back then were so much better! And no online updates! Why are we going backwards???

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