Lucasarts President, Executives Out As Publisher Shakes Up Top Brass

Kotaku has learned today that Darrell Rodriguez, president of Lucasarts, is no longer president of Lucasarts, and joining him at the exit are several members of his executive team.

The moves, announced earlier today at a Lucasarts staff meeting, do not impact the company's development teams, or other aspects of its publishing business outside of the top brass.

Rodriguez - former COO of EA Los Angeles - was named president of Lucasarts back in April of 2008, two months after his predecessor, Jim Ward, abruptly resigned from his position. His tenure has been a mixed bag, the company continuing to find success with Star Wars and Indiana Jones titles (LEGO, Force Unleashed) while failing to gain traction with internally-developed intellectual property (Fracture).

A replacement for Rodriguez has yet to be named.

With the exact reasons for his departure still uncertain, we'll update as we hear more.


    That is possibly the most awesome picture in the history of awesome pictures.

      Agree, now for a SE on XBLA.

    Fracture was not internally developed, it was made by Day 1 Studios. Released in October 2008, I really don't see how its failure can be attributed to Rodriguez who started April 2008, unless you think it was all down to marketing?

    Danm you... that picture made me think it was going to have a SE or even re-release date.

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