LunchTimeWaster: Pixel-Time Strategy

Pixel Legions is a fast-paced real-time strategy game that boasts some surprising depth. Better, your entire army is comprised of neon green pixels.

Each level starts you with a base that constantly outputs green pixels. You click on a clump of pixels and drag a path for them to follow. When they come into contact with enemy pixels, the two will fight it out until the larger force inevitably wins.

The strategy is in the flanking. Hit an enemy from opposite sides simultaneously and you'll do more damage, potentially defeating a superior force.

But then suddenly you're up against multiple enemies, and you're sending out small teams of decoy pixels to distract the enemy or trying to get their base to retreat to a less tactically advantageous position, and it really does get quite tricky.

Can you conquer every pixel this lunchtime?

Pixel Legions [Pixelante Games]


    so much fun!

    Really addictive game. Quite enjoyed it =D

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