LunchTimeWaster: Still Killed By Spike Traps 21 Years Later

In the original Prince of Persia, those spike traps were the death of me, over and over again. Now, in this flash game to promote the Forgotten Sands, they're doing it again.

I'm doing it deliberately this time, though. The handy rewind function makes it far less annoying when you impale the Prince; indeed, you can rewind and do it repeatedly.

Taking its queue from Canabalt, this Forgotten Sands flash game has the Prince auto-running from left to right. It's a little more complex than the typical one-button game. It uses three buttons!

You can hit Up to jump, Down to rewind, and Space to attack. Holding Up lets the Prince briefly run up a wall or roof run, depending on the situation. Hitting Space while jumping will see the Prince perform a ground pound attack.

It's surprisingly good, too. Just watch out for those spikes.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Flash Game [Ubisoft]


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