LunchTimeWaster: The Most Depressing Game You’ll Play All Day

LunchTimeWaster: The Most Depressing Game You’ll Play All Day

A pathetic-looking rabbit is attacked by bats on a desolate night. You can make it jump out of the way. But does it really want to survive?

Enough is a simple game that will take you perhaps less than a minute to play in its entirety. But it says a lot within that short space of time.

For me, it explores the friction between the goals of the player and those of the character or avatar the player controls. The player wants to survive as long as he can. She wants to succeed and experience as much of a game’s content as is possible.

The rabbit, in this instance, wants to die. It’s had enough.

Enough [Kerry Turner]


  • I’ll put a completely different spin on this, I’ll look at it as a developers need to break from the 9:00 – 5:00 business programming and want to explore a more creative avenue.

    A time sensitive professional who just wanted to get the core mechanics working and release something … so extensively shortened the game play experience to suite his allocated time budget.

  • I want to say that the game was indeed a waste of my time, but… seeing that rabbit hump the ground made me lol. It kinda overrode the whole “Daw, poor bunny rabbit being killed by bats” thing.

    Am I a disgusting person?

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