LunchTimeWaster: The Opposite Of Stress Relief

It's Friday, the last day of the working week. Friday afternoons are typically cruisey affairs, as you slack off a little and count the hours 'til the weekend begins. I've got a fix for that.

Hue Shift will have you stressed out in no time.

It's a platformer of sorts, where your aim is to climb a tower as high as possible. You control a block that moves automatically across each platform, turning back when it reaches the sides of the tower. You hit space to jump and try to land on the higher platforms.

The trick is you can only land on a platform that is the same colour as your block. So you have to switch colours - from blue to red to green - as you make each jump. If you try to land on a platform of a different colour, you fall back down until you either change to the correct colour or reach the bottom of the screen.

I found it extremely difficult, mostly due to the automatic movement delivering a pace that is unrelenting. And when you make an error and fall, you've got so little time to react and recover. It's a chain reaction of failure.

How high can you climb?

Hue Shift [Kongregate]


    It's official, probably the quickest a game has ever driven me from interest to pure unrelenting rage\hate\ICAN'TTAKEITANYMORE. In other words about a minute.

    How high can you climb? 959

    I like the originality of it. The real question is did you go control scheme A or B?

    ...I gave up on the first level T_T wans't cut out for this patience stuff

    Nah, it's not a game about patience. It's a game about changing the colour of the block as quickly as possible to keep climbing. The game gives completely the wrong impression at first by making those solid white platforms. It forces you to wait for the block to move while you get the hang of the game, making you focus more on waiting rather than doing, which is the point of the game.

    I got to over 3500m after only a few attempts (control scheme B). The difficulty is forcing your fingers to remember which colour they are, much like guitar hero.

    Yeah I got 1339 on my first try, it doesn't seem all that hard so long as you go as control scheme B. Then you just have to remember which colour is which button. In the end it wasn't the game that killed me but my own mistake.

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