LunchTimeWaster: This Mining Won't Prove Too Taxing

There's gold in them thar hills. Wouldn't you like to mine it and keep all the riches for yourself?

The hyperbolically-named Megadrill is a game of persistence. It's one of those grind-heavy browser games where every play grants a small reward to be spent on incremental upgrades that increase the likelihood of a bigger reward.

You drill down into the ground and try to collect gold deposits by steering right and left. You can upgrade your drill's radar to help you spot nearby deposits. You can upgrade the fuel tank so each dive lasts longer. You can upgrade the hull strength so you can withstand higher pressure the deeper you go.

It's really just a variation on those games where, for example, you launch a penguin off a ski jump and see how far he goes, boosting his flight prowess between attempts. Only this time there's an unintentionally topical political message to chew on.

Megadrill [Kongregate]


    Sounds like fun, I like mining. Anyone played Cortex Command? A little indie game that I believe is still in development. I have a 5 minute demo of that and I swear the most fun is just mining for gold. Then I usually spend it all on droids and machine guns that ultimately end up exploding on delivery.

    Addictive. Who knew mining could be so fun (apart from Rio Tinto with all their lovely lovely money)?

    god dam it...

    i ended up with a dinghy yet i had just under 100,000.

    since when did a dinghy cost that much?

    i love games like this - simple yet addictive. :)

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