LunchTimeWaster: This Wizard Only Has Two Balls

Despite looking like some sort of primitive take on Diablo, Magic Orbs is actually a puzzle game. And a pretty nifty one at that.

Your wizard must find his way through each floor of the temple, using coloured orbs to open locked doors. When you are carrying a certain colour orb, it will open any door of that colour. However, you can only carry two orbs at once, and you can only drop them on special orb pedestals.

Later, some pedestals disintegrate when you take their orb. And some doors even only open when you are not carrying an orb of its colour.

It soon becomes mind-bending stuff as you realise you need the green orb to get the yellow orb to get the orange to drop the yellow to get the green to get the blue to... oh god, where am I going to find a pink one?!

Magic Orbs [Armor Games]


    Still... playing.... can't stop this game is rather addictive >.<

    I have to say, not only is this game quite fun, the graphics on it are really impressive. I mean I wasn't expecting much, I just thought it would be a simple flash game, but seeing as there are only perhaps 3 or 4 objects that actually matter to the puzzles, the amount of extra decorative objects is quite impressive. The textures too.

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