LunchTimeWaster: Watch A Shark Eat The Harbour Bridge

After the epic nonsense of last year's Miami Shark, I present to you... Sydney Shark. Oh, yes.

Sydney Shark is identical to Miami Shark in terms of gameplay. Your shark swims along, leaping from the water to devour everything in its path. The deeper you dive before emerging, the higher you'll leap and the more points you'll rack up.

The only difference is it's set in Sydney this time. Obviously. And the music's garbage in comparison.

All up, this is almost as much fun. But I'd rather be in Miami.

Sydney Shark [Newgrounds]


    Huzzah! I'm for any game set in Sydney, it has been a long dry spell since project gotham on the original xbox.

    And I thought Miami Shark couldn't be beaten...

    This was fantastic, and hilarious.
    Especially the Steve Irwin cameo, made me laugh inside.

    I didn't eat the harbour bridge, but I did catch a nuclear missile and blow up 16 million people!

    Don't judge it by the screenshot just play.

    did anyone else find this game to feel slightly racist? the only good part was taking down the nuke

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