LunchTimeWaster: X-Com: Tower Defence From The Deep

Isometric perspective. Squad-based tactics. Between mission upgrades. It looks like a modern remake of X-Com at first. But no, it's another tower defence game!

Back 2 Back sees your squad of Gears of War-alikes crashlanded on a hostile alien planet. You bunker down and try to fend off the hordes.

Before each wave you can choose the make up of your squad and position them for the onslaught. Once you're under attack you can move your troops at will within the tiny perimeter of your base. Dead enemies leave behind blue orbs that you can collect to pay for upgrades, as well as medkits.

Ignore the terrible voice acting and your lunch hour will just fly by.

Back 2 Back [Armor Games]


    as great a free tower defence game as i've ever played :)

    With all the tower defence lunch time wasters we get, am i right to assume you're a fan of the genre?

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