Mafia II Collector’s Edition

Mafia II Collector’s Edition

2K Games reveals the Mafia II Collector’s Edition, a Steelbook case filled with the game, a hardcover art book, a soundtrack CD and a tear-resistant map of Empire Bay, as well as free access to the Made Man DLC, with two new cars and matching outfits for Vito. Check out the Mafia II preorder page for more info on the Collector’s Edition and the retailer-specific bonuses you can score for preordering it for the PC, PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.


  • @OT
    I kinda agree… its not that great for a Collectors Edition.

    Special Edition maybe – kinda like what you would expect from the middle edition between the Standard and say, Legendary from a Halo perspective.

    Tear-resistant paper… c’mon!

    The soundtrack sounds interesting. Mafia II looks to nail the era it is going for. Something Red Dead Redemption has 110% accomplished and that soundtrack is aaaaaamazing. Hopefully this is another repeat… but i don’t think i’ll be forking out the extra dough for this…

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