Makers Of Wii Bowling Ball Bring You Wii Rowing Machine

The brothers Markowitz at CTA Digital let Totilo inside their Wonkaland of Wii peripherals last November and promised they were working on some peripherals core gamers wouldn't be embarrassed to use. Does a Wii Fit rowing machine attachment qualify?

Well, Doug and Julie, two fit and attractive young adults, certainly think so. Of course, they're CTA Digital spokesmodels, so they're paid to think so. The attachment has uses in Wii Fit, Wii Sports Resort and Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2009 and 2010, and you can get it on Amazon if you have pronounced it cool and/or useful to you.

Rowing Machine for Wii [CTA Digital, via Engadget]


    Now thats just wiidiculous... i mean wiilly...

    I'm going to coin a new phrase..

    "These guys are Wiidiots"

      Oh snap!

      lol so true though. Just another gimmick that i'll never use, i think i'll pass

    Why would anyone buy this? The whole fun of rowing is when you capsize. :D

    Once again we inevitably get to the final question of, why?
    Why not just get a normal rowing machine.. or better yet go rowing.
    Games were always an alternative to the norm, a place to expand away from the confines of society and enable us to do anything we wanted to, create entire worlds to run havoc in, learn, or simply take in with awe.
    Thanks to the new wave of gaming, the 'Post Hardcore' as we coin them in this house, there are entire companies out there trying to make our beloved past time resemble Danoz Direct ads.

    cause like swinging a weightless remote is going to simulate rowing. right. LOL

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