Man Plays Wii, Bites Mother Then Goes On "Rampage"

Man Plays Wii, Bites Mother Then Goes On "Rampage"

According to a report from ABC’s Denver outpost, a man by the name of James Williams has had an adverse reaction to a day spent playing games on his Wii.

Having “gotten angry over a Wii game”, Williams (pictured above) is alleged to have gone on a “rampage”, racking up the following rap sheet:

– biting his mother on the ankle (?!)

– while driving, he “rammed several other vehicles as well as hitting the pedestrian and tree”.

– firing a BB gun at another vehicle

– jumping on the hood of a police car

For his troubles, Williams was tased, then arrested by local authorities. Some may point to the involvement of the Wii in all this, but there are more complex issues at work here for a guy to be biting his mother at all, let alone her ankles.

Police: Wii Rage Triggers Bizarre Crime Spree [ABC]


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