Man Plays Wii, Bites Mother Then Goes On "Rampage"

According to a report from ABC's Denver outpost, a man by the name of James Williams has had an adverse reaction to a day spent playing games on his Wii.

Having "gotten angry over a Wii game", Williams (pictured above) is alleged to have gone on a "rampage", racking up the following rap sheet:

- biting his mother on the ankle (?!)

- while driving, he "rammed several other vehicles as well as hitting the pedestrian and tree".

- firing a BB gun at another vehicle

- jumping on the hood of a police car

For his troubles, Williams was tased, then arrested by local authorities. Some may point to the involvement of the Wii in all this, but there are more complex issues at work here for a guy to be biting his mother at all, let alone her ankles.

Police: Wii Rage Triggers Bizarre Crime Spree [ABC]


    Fucking Wii rage, it's a serious issue.

      I've always said that anyone that plays a Wii has got to be insane.

        Queue the flames!

    Zombie Apocalypse Starts!
    First case: Man bites mothers ankles.
    Cause: Wii

    He been around any rabid monkeys lately?

      I thought HE was a rabid monkey.

    thats what you get for thinking that red steel 2 will be any sort of improvement over the original

    wow what a psycho.

    well done mate, you've successfully ruined ruined your life over wii rage.

    obviously its something to do with his psyche or history but of course the wii will take the blame here. not perhaps poor parenting, or some life problem he is suffering from right?

    ever heard of a stress ball? Id use one if i wasn't satisfied with simply turning it off and going to read a magazine, though i usually just keep going until i beat the damn thing.

    See - this is what friend codes have wrought

    And I thought a friend of mine was bad with his MW2 rage, he got up, ejected the disc and then broke it into half a dozen pieces. I thought that was bad, but this, this is worse.

    You know whats really disgusting about this story??

    If he had of been playing PS3 or 360 he would have at east gotten some trophies or achievements for all of that!!!

    I mean, honestly, ankle biting would have to be worth AT LEAST 10 gamerpoints!!

    ...-sigh-... what a waste...

    I do this every time I play MH Tri

      Was gonna say, dude had to be playing monster hunter Tri, F**ing Barroth


    well animal crossing sure is violent...what a maniac ...thank god he doesnt play GoW (both of em series)

    I got 6 years for battery and assault after I played Super Monkey Ball

      That's because you aren't supposed to use real monkeys.

    His mother's... ankle?
    Of all body parts, why the ankle?

    Hmm, the rap sheet of crimes is just random enough to make me suspect that he has been playing some form of Warioware title...

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