Man Spends Six Months Plotting Murder Of Counter-Strike Rival

A Counter-Strike player in France has spent six months plotting a revenge attack against a player who beat him in an in-game knife fight. His eventual revenge was not in-game.

20 year-old Julien Barreaux, from Cambrai, had his Counter-Strike character "knifed" in a game late last year against another man, known only as "Mikhael". Enraged at this blight against his talents, Barreaux spent six months tracking him down in the real world.

When he eventually found the victim, Barreaux knocked on the guy's front door, then "plunged a kitchen knife into his chest" when Mikhael opened it to greet him. He missed his heart by an inch.

A local police officer told the courts "Barreaux was arrested within the hour and told us he had wanted to see his rival wiped out for killing off his character."

The judge, who locked him up for two years on a charge of causing grievous bodily harm, says of Barreaux, "You are a menace to society. I am frankly terrified of the disproportionate reaction you could have if someone looked at you the wrong way in the street."

Video game fanatic hunts down and stabs rival player who killed character online [The Telegraph]


    He should've been locked up in an insane asylum instead (or whatever is more PC these days). What kind of psycho takes a game that seriously? Give him a padded cell, a straight jacket, and a DS with a bunch of shovalware (he can play it with his toes :D ).

    Idiot, doesn't he know it takes 2 rightclicks to kill someone if your going via the front ?

      LOL that was a flawless comment. In CS you only get a single hit knife kill when you stab the back.

        Thanks for that, Tim.


      Back of the neck does 485 damage

      ^ That's what I said! Hahaha! No but seriously, two years?! "...grievous bodily harm"? That psychopath should be locked up for longer than that! That was attempted murder!

    Two years? Are you freakin' kidding me?

    And what happened to the other guy?

    i wonder if there will be a call to ban games in France?

      Nah, people kill over anything. The problem is people not the product.

    I think I have like 485 (Nearly at the Plat!) knife kills on bad company 2, should I be worried about this kinda thing?

    Two years??? Why only two years?
    Mind you, it is a french prison, I guess that is worth about 4 years anywhere else.

    This Mikhael is gonna be scared out of his brains in 2 years time when this guys gets out.. I mean, if he can hold a grudge like that for 6 months, how peeved is he gonna be for getting sent to prison for 2 yars and Mikhael survived...

    Another reason why its so easy for non-gamers to see online gaming as a bad thing, when you hear stories like this..

    Two years doesn't seem like enough... surely this qualifies as attempted murder?

    There have been so many deaths/injuries directly related to Counter Strike matches.

    It's fucking scary.

    Thats BS! How can someone get THAT worked up over it, god damn. That blows my mind.

    Only two years? HE JUST TRIED TO F***ING KILL SOMEONE!!

    Wow talk about being passionate about a game .___.
    Im scared to play as cs ninja now D:

    Seriously - 6 months and tried to kill the guy?

    That's very different from punching the guy next to you in response to him kicking your virtual arse in multiplayer.

    I gotten knifed about three times a week since I stated playing multi player shooters on the Internet. At six months planing each its going to take me ages to get revenge on all of them. Maybe I could just invite them to a facebook party and blow up the building??

    two years is a bit light for a psychotic threat to society...

    Holy Hell!! He attempts to murder someone and gets two years! What the heck is wrong with you Australians?

      It happened in France.

    I support the loony bin idea, it's people like this who give gamers a bad name.

    he's not insane he's a mostly typical misguided youth.

      There is nothing typical about a person who stabs another in the chest, misguided, youth, or otherwise.

      Honestly, no that's not typical. Maybe a bit misguided youth, but barely typical. Obviously has issues if he wants to take 6 months to find this guy and kill him. He should get attempted(premeditated) murder for crap like that.

    I wonder how he'd take losing the first fight to to Krauser in Resident Evil 4?

    That's silly. Doesn't he know that he'd just respawn after the round ends?

    There's only one thing that comes to mind right now:


    So it IS possible for someone elses law system to be for effed up than Australia's.... i dunno if thats good to know or frightening.

    Pft* haha What are you talking about Jay? What do you know about Australian law?

    Is anyone surprised that it was a Counterstrike player? They are almost always quite unhinged people.

    I know a similar story..some guy assassinated another guy in halo. So the guy found him and stabbed him with a plasma sword....too soon?

      A while back some guy got owned in a game of Pong. So the guy found him and beat him to death with a Table Tennis Paddle.

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