Map Kit Gives You A High-Level View Of Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Much as I want to headline this as a "free map download", that would be misleading. Because these aren't playable maps, but they are high resolution overhead shots of the 10 used in Battlefield: Bad Company 2's multiplayer.

The Battlefield guys made 'em available through the game's download page, figuring some folks might appreciate the assist in marking all the choke points, ambush spots and hiding places.

The 137MB file contains 20 images, two of each of the game's 10 maps released through the third pack. The map kit is now live on the game's download page, so run go get it if you're one of those crazy crazy people who actually use tactics in your online multiplayer.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Map Kit Available for Download [Battlefield Blog]


    Very cool, but would never use it. I prefer learning the maps as i go

    I actually appericate this. Battlefield is all about tactics.

    Not bad, always nice to have more from the developers. I personally have played the game enough to know it off by heart now...maybe that's a bit sad, but I freakin' love it! haha

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