Mario's Voice Yearns For Waluigi Games

Three out of four Mushroom Kingdom plumbers have scored starring video game roles. The man who voices them all, Charles Martinet, wants to make it four out of four, lamenting the lack of a game starring Wario's skinny lackey, Waluigi.

Charles Martinet is a prolific video game voice actor, and if he had his way, he'd be a game designer as well. Speaking to MTV Multiplayer at an exclusive Super Mario Galaxy 2 pre-release party at the Nintendo World Store in New York, Martinet professed his love for both Luigi and Waluigi, suggesting that it's about time for Wario's partner in crime to get his own starring role.

Charles Martinet told me that, although Mario is his favourite Nintendo character, he also loves Luigi and Waluigi. Going so far as to say that he'd "love to see a Waluigi game where you have to cheat to win, ya know. That would be funny." He continued, in Waluigi's voice, saying, "Waaa Everybody's cheating but me!"

Waluigi is one of the rare video game characters that I completely forget exists until he pops up in a story like this. Should he get his own game? If Waluigi suddenly died, would anyone notice?

Probably not. No game for you, Waluigi.

Voice of Mario Wants A Waluigi-Centric Game [MTV Multiplayer]


    Waluigi was my favorite character in Mario tennis, I think he should def have his own game something along the lines of Mario party but with like cheating and doing bad things to win

    It's hard to give a character their own game when they don't have much of a personality.

      Mario? Link? Samus?


    Honestly, the game that he had the best chance to be in was New Super Mario Bros Wii, along with Wario. Instead they used two Toads. What a waste of potential :c

      Woah dude, you are totally right! I never thought of that, but how perfect would have Wario/ Warluigi been in that whole co-op/ competitive format that NSM wii had. How awesome as Wario to pick up Mario syaing 'I'll help you' and then chuck him in lava.

      You can use Wario in that game? Wuh? How did I miss that?
      You don't mean Luigi do you?

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