Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Screenshots Will Kick Your Canon In The Face

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Screenshots Will Kick Your Canon In The Face
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You’ve seen fighting game Marvel vs Capcom 3 in grainy trailers and even grainier magazine scans, but here for the first time is Marvel vs Capcom 3 as nature intended: in big screenshots, on the internet.

There’s nothing sneaky nor fancy about them. No hidden references to unrevealed characters or anything like that. No, just some pictures of comic book characters kicking the crap out of Capcom’s video game characters.

And vice versa.


  • ^ I may not be into MvsC games especially after the button scheme change, but I can assure you that is not cartoony.

    • I can’t wait to see Deadpool’s special – according to Game Informer he beats his opponent with his own life bar! 😀

    • It is indeed. Plus, a game like this, with its visual style, would be a great way to show off 3D tv’s as well. Imagine making it a true 3d game with 3d effects in it! 😀 make the big explosive effects come out of the screen etc. It’d be cheesy, over the top… perfect! 😀

  • i hell hope they put someone like phoenix wright in this game 😛 if they do, i’m totally going to make him verse hulk!
    *OBJECTION* “we have evidence that you have caused bllions of dollars of damage!” ONE-HIT KO!

    • Whilst awesome, chances of that are low.
      I dunno why but this game isn’t eliciting any real interest from me.
      I was OBSESSED with MVC2 back in the day, bought the downloadable version off the PSN Store and just wasn’t as fun as it used to be.
      SSFIV is more fun for me, though not as over the top.

  • Day one purchase for this one for me… God i can’t wait to see deadpool in action!

    Reading Marvel Zombies 4 as we speak actually lol

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