Mass Effect 2 Gets New "Man Vs Robots" Downloadable Content

There's more "premium" downloadable content on the way for EA's Mass Effect 2, and while this newest pack doesn't introduce a new character, it does have you playing John Connor over five missions.

The pack is called "Overlord", the entire thing set on a single planet as you try to shut down a dangerous enemy AI, who looks like the lovechild of Tron and The Matrix. Hope you like shooting at robots!

Despite the DLC being set in one place, you'll again be given access to the Hammerhead hovertank, with promises that you'll be able to explore the planet between indoor sections.

Overlord will be out next month. No word yet on pricing.

Mass Effect 2 Overlord DLC coming in June [Gamerzines]



    Could be interesting, depending on the price. Yet another one-hour DLC would be a bit boring.

    Wow now this looks good! I have yet to get any of the DLC because my hdtv is nowhere near my internet connection, and bioware games (through EA) need a connection to run dlc even after it is downloaded (soooo frustrating I hate you EA). However this may be worth the effort.

      Have no idea what you are talking about there - you don't need an internet connection after you have downloaded the DLC on my 360?

      Also this is good news - gets the whiners on the bioware forums to shut up due to lack of exploration and "mako" style missions (and these were the same people who complained about the mako in the first game). Will download first day.

        Well it happened to me with dragon age. The dlc would only work if prior to loading your save game you verified it with the EA network. After verification you could disconnect but that kinda defeats the point of it working offline. I assume the same thing will happen with Mass Effect because cerberus network looks like the same thing that dragon age had

          No, you are wrong and misinformed. This is not the case.

    I swear I've already gone on atleast 2 missions where I have to shut down a dangerous AI.

      Yeah. Knowing how every other AI goes crazy, it makes me want to shut EDI down quicksmart.

    Any chance that Bioware will bundle all the DLC for offline gamers?

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