Mass Effect: The Movie Is Really Happening

BioWare's epic sci-fi role playing game is on its way to a theatre near you, with Legendary Pictures - the studio banking on the notion that video game movies will be a Big Deal - reportedly picking up the film rights.

According to The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision Blog, Legendary has set events in motion that may ultimately bring Commander Shepard and his merry Mass Effect co-stars to the silver screen. Screenwriter Mark Protosevich, whose credits include The Cell, I Am Legend and Thor, is "in talks" to adapt the game.

Mass Effect was optioned in 2008 by ex-Marvel producer Avi Arad. Legendary has plenty of other video game fare in the works, with World of Warcraft and Gears of War flicks trying to get off the ground.

Seems BioWare wasn't blowing smoke when it said Hollywood was "very interested" in the Mass Effect franchise.

'Mass Effect' video game on way to movie screen (exclusive) [Heat Vision Blog]


    PLease dont be shit, please dont be shit.

    Who could play shepard, some pre-TDK Bale was awesome. Renegade Shepard = Bale.

    He needs to bulk up again though.

    Awesome ..BUT, Do not get lazy and use planet scanning as plot filler :)

    Oh here we go...

    Sorry Hollywood, but you are doomed to fail at this one. All the strengths of mass effect will be lost in the transfer. The level of interaction in the game gives us connection to our Shepard and I don't see how a movie could possibly pull that off. Their only hope would be to make an original story without Shep. The lore of the universe is certainly strong enough, but they won't have the balls to do it.

    I hope Tali is in it /crosses fingers.

    I hope it's a paragon Shepard as the main character.

    So looking forward to this - will be interesting if they are actually going to follow the main shepard arc or take on possibly a different arc like a prequel to the games based on the battle of shanxi or even on the novel Revelation. Will be seeing this day one none the less.

    I like it, hopefully it won't be centered around shepard and more around the supporting universe (like the books).

      I agree, hopefully they adapt the supporting universe rather than just the games and can make a decent movie.

    Game is good enough for me, but I'll go see it and then complain after, just like I always do...

    Surely the audience should be allowed to choose the hero's gender at the start of each screening?

      I'll admit it.

      I lol'd.

    Nice, I’m glad a big company like Legendary have the rights to this. The ME movie needs to be a big budget blockbuster to work. And their backlog reads like a laundry list of 100+ million making action movies. I wonder who will play Shepard? Mathew Fox seems like a shoe in, he looks so much like the default male character it’s creepy. Plus he just got finished playing a character already called Shepard for 6 years.

      Joe Flanigan would also be up there on my list

        Who also happens to have played a character called Sheppard for 5/6 years

    I hope Yvonne Strahovski plays Miranda :P

    It's still going to turn out like dogshit.

    bra scene with miranda omes to mind...

    how can they do a movie though because everytime you play the game it turns out different

    Yeah fair enough the world Bioware have created is worthy of a film or more story-telling. It's a great world with great characters and species and planets.

    But why make a film based off a video-game series and not remotely follow the games? I guess if you want that story, play the game. But why not just get your own imagination and write your own movie without copying a video game.

    I would like to see Sheppard story personally - but then they wouldn't follow the video-game plot line of corse and i don't know if i would exactly want them too either.

    I say - put this in the hands of George Lucas and say "Hey! Here's your shot and prove yourself after the Prequel Trilogy. Don't screw it up!"

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