Master Chief Is Real, Takes Nice Pictures

Cosplay nut Gixxer85, from Malaysia, doesn't just like dressing up as Master Chief, he likes having people - professional people - take his photo while doing so.

Taking to an abandoned office building with his custom-built Spartan suit and custom-built weapons, Gixxer85 certainly looks the part. Without seeing him run around sticking grenades on things and jumping out of burning spaceships, it's hard to tell if he can act the part, but we'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Note that this isn't just a "suit". It's been recreated in painful detail, right down to the wiring running throughout the helmet which powers not only his LED lighting, but a small fan to circulate the air while he's inside as well.

You can check out Gixxer's full gallery from the photo shoot at the link below.

Halo 3: Scouting Enemy Grounds [Figures, thanks Chris!]


    That crotch plate look well dented, tea bagging other Spartans must hurt.

    nice Nerf Longshot sniper rifle hahaha spotted it a mile away :P

    Fan for circulation? Nice. That's the next thing I need to get going in my helmets.

    A pet peeve that with these home-made Halo suits... while they can be perfect in every other way, the seems underneath show that they're wearing pyjamas. Not cool.

    trick or treat!

    The first image looks like a screenshot for a movie.

    He's just a taaaad too short

      "Aren't you a little short for a Spartan?"

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