Mecho Wars Creator Goes HD With Reaper

Luc Bernard, the man behind the pretty yet flawed Eternity's Child and the well-received Advance Wars clone Mecho Wars for the iPhone is thinking big again with Reaper, a gorgeous new 2D action-adventure game.

Eternity's Child was a charming little game that lacked depth and polish. Mecho Wars was a strategy game with some great ideas, though Crecente wasn't too fond of the art direction. Can Luc Bernard get all the elements of a good game in place with his latest?

Reaper is a 2D action-adventure game featuring one of Death's little helpers. Emboldened after getting away with sparing the life of a little girl against Death's wishes, the titular Reaper decides he's going to choose who lives and who dies on his own. Death is not happy about this, and she wants you stopped.

Reaper will be a three-part episodic title, with the first episode aimed at a fall release, with publishing handled by Atlanta-based Fried Green Apps. No platform has been specified, but with widescreen, HD graphics, one can assume it isn't an iPod title.

Reaper is the largest game Bernard has created to date, with hand-drawn frame-by-frame animation, music by Sean Beeson, and programming by Sean Reid, who worked on Mecho Wars previously.

So far the game looks beautiful, but then I'm a big fan of Bernard's quirky art style. It's the gameplay that will make or break Reaper, and we're not seeing gameplay yet. All we can do is sit and wait for Death to come.


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