Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker’s Toys, By Square Enix

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker’s Toys, By Square Enix

The Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker figures from Square Enix (who, yes, also make toys) that we first spied earlier this year are now available for preorder. They are both detailed and expensive.

There are four figures available: Snake, and three Metal Gears from the game (Pupa, Chrysalis & Basilis). Snake stands a decent 26cm tall, but the Metal Gears run a little smaller. Prices also vary, Snake and Pupa running around USD$50-60, while Chrysalis & Basilis will will set you back around USD$70.

They’ll all go on sale in September.


  • I’m a sucker for good action figures, historically the action figures given out with games have been of questionable quality, but these look incredible, probably because they sell separately. Snake actually looks like Snake. Much better than those Dragon age ones, they looked horrible.

  • Looks much more affordable the the Medicom MGS3 stuff I’m slowly acquiring. Spent nearly $400 on two figures so far…


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