Metal Slug Toys Even Cuter In Real Life

Treasure Festa, a toy show currently going down in Japan, has already given us a few video game-related treats. Time for a few more, with this set of Metal Slug vehicles.

Comprising of two tanks and two mech suits, these custom pieces may never turn up on your shelf, but that shouldn't stop you dreaming of a day that they might. There's just somthing about Metal Slug's vehicles that make them so damn adorable.

Treasure Festa 3: Videogames! [Tomopop]


    OH is I so want to spend 20 bucks, in one dollar coins, to throw a grenade at that.

    This is cruel, advertising this. I want it. Very much. TOO MUCH GOOD STUFF COMING OUT. They need to put a brake on it peoples!

    Too bad the tracks look like they're fixed. Still want it though.

    That looks so dam cool! Would definately get one if available

    Oh my god, I want these babies! After all the money I've spent on the games in Arcades, I think we should get em for free :P

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