Metal Slug XX, Aqua Double Up The Shooting Action On Live Arcade This Week

Get ready to enjoy two heavy doses of heavy metal shoot 'em up action on Xbox Live Arcade this week as Metal Slug XXX and Aqua digitally ship for the platform this Wednesday.

Metal Slug XX costs a cool 1200 Microsoft Points, but gives Metal Slug fans more of that side-scrolling heavy machine gunning they so desperately crave. Expect Neo Geo calibre resolutions and a few cameos from The King of Fighters cast, joining the Metal Slug crew in search of explosive thrills and POWs.

Aqua, 800 Microsoft Points, takes its shooting top down and on water, a lovely looking naval shooter that's more tactical than twitch.


    Dam, 1200 makes me think twice about metal slug, as much as i really want to get it, i refuse to pay that much for a arcade game. Though i suppose this will be one of the few that are worth it.

    @Denaz - It's still cheaper than wanting to play it start to finish at an actual arcade (if they even exist anymore)

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