Microsoft Calls Natal Pricing "Pure Speculation"

A Swedish retailer priced Microsoft's codenamed Project Natal body-control sensor system at $US200. But, today, Microsoft's Xbox 360 director of product management, Aaron Greenberg shot down any pricing reports, via Twitter:

"Retailers are not yet aware of pricing details for Project Natal & pre-order pricing is pure speculation."

The Xbox 360 maker is, of course, not saying what Natal will actually cost.

Microsoft will show Natal off in Los Angeles at an extravagant June 13 event featuring Cirque de Soleil. That may be our first chance to find out how much it will cost.

Aaron Greenberg Twitter feed


    I'm hoping for $100 or under. That is a price I think I can handle. If it was bundle with a game, even a Wii Sports style casual game, I'd be pretty happy. Much more than that and I think it will flop.

    Yeah $100 with a game and I may be interested. $200 and I'm out. And I mean those prices in Australian Dollars.

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