Microsoft Will Never Kill Halo 2 (It'll Just Watch It Die)

Despite the "death" of the original Xbox Live, a small band of fanatics are keeping the dream alive by leaving their Halo 2 accounts logged in. You'd think Microsoft would be pissed, but surprisingly, no.

"We're not shutting them off", Xbox Live's Larry Hryb has said on his weekly podcast. "We're going to let them go."

"If you're one of the 'Halo 2 twelve' still playing, know that we're rooting for you, we think what you're doing is great, and [we]are not going to pull the rug out from under you".

That's not to say that Microsoft will leave the servers open forever. It's just a realisation that these consoles are going to overheat, or malfunction, or most likely lose their internet connections sooner or later. So they can't camp out forever.

But until they do shuffle off that digital coil? They're free to knock themselves out.


    Actually, on the Bungie Forum, they've said only 6 people are left :(

    Anyway, I think this is sweet on everyone's part. I bet when Halo 3 inevitably goes, this'll be multiplied threefold.

    Or, of course, MS will set up some way to prevent this. Latter seems more likely :P

    Am I the only one who finds this incredibly pathetic? Guys, come on. It's Halo 2, not the Melbourne live music scene.

      I actually find the Melbourne Live music scene pretty pathetic :p

    They'll log out to play the reach beta for sure :)

      Ahh MS tried to pursuade them with early bird BETA codes. Didn't obviously work that well...

      I would love to see a prize go towards the final guy left - it will come down to luck in terms of internet connection and Xbox eventually over heating or a blackout.

      But it would be cool for them to some grand prize even though they're not in any competition. Just being the ultimate fanboys really. Early copy of Halo Reach. Tour of BUngie studios.

      OR/ the chance to say Yes or No to the Bungie & Activision contract.

    I think it'd be kinda cool at some point for the last person who logs off to get some sorta epitaph in a Halo game lol

    I don't really see the point. You're not playing any matches. All things have to come to an end, and staying logged in and not doing anything just seems pointless.

      Videogames as a whole are pointless. What's your point?

        I'd think twice before you say that, otherwise... the fanboys will come after you!

        I love how you say this on a gaming blog.

    this is what I don't get... Microsoft announced the time when all of this service will be shut down. But apparently there are people still logged in, and somehow the service remains open because of it. WHAT?

    Seriously, last time I checked, when you provide a web-service to clientele and you decide to close it for whatever reason, and you are in control of that service, you can close it at will, and anyone who cares can go and cry about it.

    I mean sure, these guys are cool and 'hoorah for the little guy' but what the hell is stopping microsoft from just going 'snip.?'

    The remaining players should get some kind of easter egg in Halo: Reach. For their dedication.

      Yep, a little wall somewhere with their names on them in memorium or something lol.

      Yeah or some side comment made by a marine in game.

    just think how annoying it would be if you were 1 of the 12 and someone had ping...

    So these 6 are stuck with playing only one game of their game collection, and can only play that with the same 5 other people. I'm betting some of the others that have disconnected in the past week or so got bored and "accidentally" disconnected themselves.

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