Might Sony Suggest An Extended Service Plan For Your PS3?

Might Sony Suggest An Extended Service Plan For Your PS3?

Why succumb to the high-pressure retail pitch for an extended service plan, when you can extended the warranty on your PlayStation 3 or PSP directly through Sony with the PlayStation Protection Plan?

Sony gives consumers a weapon against the pressure put on customers at retailers like Best Buy to purchase extended care contracts by offering their own extended care contracts. The PlayStation Protection Plan will allow owners of the PlayStation 3 and PSP to extend their warranties for up to two years after the initial one year warranty expires.

One year of extra protection for the PS3 runs $US49.99, with another year tacked on for $US10 more. PSP plans run $US29.99 and $US39.99, though an additional $US10 will add Accidental Damage coverage, which means Sony will fix it even if you crack the screen by sitting on it.

“The PlayStation brand has long been synonymous with the highest quality in engineering and design, and it’s because of the reliability of the PS3 and PSP systems that we can offer the PlayStation Protection Plan,” said Glenn Nash, vice president, operations, SCEA. “We have heard from consumers that they’re interested in an extended service plan that’s backed directly by SCEA and leverages our technical expertise. While both the PS3 and PSP systems are designed with future-proof technology and built for long lifecycles, we’re looking forward to offering this service to consumers looking for added peace of mind.”

North American PS3 and PSP owners can sign up for an extended warranty by calling 1-866-716-7669. It’s available to new purchasers as well as folks who are still within their first year of warranty. Visit the protection plan web page for more terms and conditions.


  • I’m glad Sony has developed their own plan. I’ve encountered numerous salesman who, assuming I’m naive, have tried to convice me that paying and extra $100 or more for service warranties was a smart option. They make out like the consoles aren’t reliable, when in fact the majority of PS3 owners I know have never had issues.

    • …or you could be like me and all my friends who owned Asian region 40GBs, 5 out of 5 had blu ray drive failures within 2 years.

      • Yeah I’ve had trouble with my own console, I just don’t like how some places try to sell an extended warranty, and I thought this might be a fairer solution.

    • What Mr Waffle said. Although in my case, it’s the YLoD that took my PS3 (along with about 1000 others you can find listed in the PS3 forums, which only includes people who went out of their way to add their names to the list). Unfortunately most people seem to be just buying slims to replace the older systems… It would have been nice to see reliable numbers of PS3s affected by various issues, but you just have to look at the Feb 29th/May 1st bug thing that popped up this year (when all of Sony’s staff told everybody it was to do with the PSN (in spite of the fact it happened to consoles that never went online)) to see that Sony’s quite happy to bury the evidence in a load of propaganda.

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