Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Map Pack Deploys Next Month

Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Map Pack Deploys Next Month

Enough whining about the high price of the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Pack! It’s time to whine about the likely high price of the Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Pack, due out early next month for the Xbox 360.

During a company financial earnings call last week, Activision’s Thomas Tippl seemed to indicate that the next map pack release for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 would drop in the latter half of the calendar year. Apparently Thomas Tippl cannot read a calendar, because June 3, the day the Resurgence Pack is scheduled to hit Xbox Live, is definitely on this side of the year. Perhaps he was talking about the PlayStation 3 and PC versions?

Either way, it’s great news for both people who enjoy playing Modern Warfare 2 and people who enjoy complaining about it.

For the players, Infinity Ward is celebrating the announcement with two double experience point weekends, one starting on May 28 and the other on June 4, after the Resurgence Pack is released.

As for the complainers, Activision was very pleased with the sales of the $US15 Stimulus Pack, so there’s a good chance the Resurgence Pack will follow a similar pricing model.

As for details, all we know so far is that the pack will contain five maps. Here’s hoping none of them are remakes, though judging by the name, I’d say one or two might be likely. Fingers crossed!


  • Boo. Watch MW2 die in the bum. The only support they’ve given since the game came out is the map pack and a few minor patches.

    Flashback: remember when maps weren’t really DLC, and was considered an update? (TF2 updates) Maybe $$ shouldn’t be an objective and creating a forever lasting game should be.

    • Haha, maybe they are trying to make as much money as they can to applease shareholders while they attempt to dig their way out of the clusterf**k that is infinity ward.

      Good luck with that Activision, i hope your death is a slow and painful one.

  • At least the name isn’t an insult to gamers this time – oh wait – it might be depending on the maps. If i see that these maps are just more lazy ports from COD4 or possibly even COD1/2 then they are just exploiting little 14 year olds…. again.

  • ohh yay more bifurication of the game as we have groups who dont want to buy both lots of map packs and here i was thinking that servers would do this

    hell you cant even pick your gametypes for the new maps they need to allow skip of gametype as well as map and they need to allow more than one skip

  • i wont be buying this as i didn’t the stimulus package. not a lot on offer for a hefty price.

    as i said before and ill say it again. they look at all there money from the first dlc and say wow look how much money we made. well just imagine if they had competitively priced the dlc how much more profit they wold of made.

  • Omg seriously? Not even World at War was that close with Map Packs. Halo was MONTHS apart!

    This is milking at the best!

    Eh i won’t be buying any of them – heck i dont even have my copy of MW2 anymore! I would love to see how these sales turn out – i didn’t hear great things about the Stimulus Map Pack – so have people learnt their lesson with the price they were and are bound to have to pay again??!!

    Let’s hope so!!

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