Modern Warfare 2’s Next DLC Brings More Old Maps

Modern Warfare 2’s Next DLC Brings More Old Maps

Repeating a pattern set by the game’s first batch of downloadable content, Modern Warfare 2’s “Resurgence” pack will contain a mix of maps, some new, some not so new.

This, of course, was the focal point of many consumer’s anger over the first pack, being that they were spending $US15 for something that only contained three “new” levels.

Your anger obviously counts for nothing in the face of 2.5 million sales, however, so Activision will be sticking with the same formula to again charge you 1200 points (USD$15) and again give you three new maps and two “classic” ones dragged up from the first Modern Warfare title.

The old maps are Vacant and Strike, while the new maps are called Trailer Park (a tight, constrained map), Carnival (a big fairground) and Fuel (a sniper’s paradise).

The Resurgence pack launches June 3 for Xbox 360, while PC and PS3 owners will have to sit tight for further details on their respective launches.


    • Orange Box was $15 on sale. Half Life 2, Episode 1, Episode 2, Team Fortress 2, Portal and about a million billion awesome free mods. If you want to show just how piss poor the value of MW2 is, you need only use Half Life 1 or 2 as examples. They cost bugger all, are both by themselves 100x better games and have the most ridiculous amount of free, quality content imaginable.

      These punks bring out this disgrace that can be clocked in 5 hours and has such broken multiplayer it might as well not exist, then charge this much for DLC which when combined, STILL wouldn’t make this a complete package…


  • Vacant? MW2’s air support will tear that map to pieces.

    I bought the first one (was actually quite happy with the maps despite the pricing) but I think I’ll pass this time around. I hit the stage last week where the want to play it was just not there; I didn’t care less if I played it again or not. I’ll be all over RDR anyhow.

    I’m also not surprised that they haven’t budged with the price or the structure. If a company sells 2.5 million copies of something, they’re not going to change the recipe. Unfortunate.

  • LoL, finally people are seeing they are getting ripped off by Activision.

    Sad thing is there are heaps more people out there who would pay heaps more for just a few maps. And they would think its still worth it.


  • since so many people bought the first map pack )i didnt) its obvious those people are going to buy the 2nd, and the 3rd, and the 4th, and the 5th… and so on…

    all they have to do is make 5 maps each time (2 old) and they make close to 40mil each time. they’d be stupid not to take advantage of all those people’s stupidity.

    whatever happened to that recession?

    • what are you talking about the recession makes these things more valuable people would rather spend 15 dollars to make a game they already like more lifetime than to spend 50US on a brand new one that might suck or only have 10hours of entertainment

      while the pricings is rip the larger variance in maps prevents things from going stale quite so fast

      tho id much rather some new game modes (like something that limits the killstreaks to what they were in Cod 4(much like you would have oldschool where the weapons were collected from spawn locations and what not)

  • I bet I will get buyers remorse as I begin downloading the DLC. I’d feel like one of the suckers who payed $25 dollars for a mount….

  • there just giving these old maps a HD makeover and expecting people to believe they have created 5 new maps its lazy and cheap way to try and explain the absolute rip off for these DLC’s im glad i stoped palying this after the first month

  • The price still sucks but at least its not 3 Maps like other games usually are.
    5 Maps is pretty decent, but still not worth $15 at all. Thats not far behind the price of the DLC for GTA IV.

    Quite sad that people are gonna be buying this.

    Besides most Map Packs aren’t that great compared to ones that come with the game. Halo/Bungie have created some of the most FUN maps and they are the MASTERS are level design and overall balancing, but the maps they released as DLC with Halo 3 still were great but didn’t compare to maps that shipped with the game.

    They wear off after a week or so and its back to playing the few that really standout.

  • You might think it’s unfair that they’re asking $15 for only ‘three’ maps. I think it’s unfair that people charge $60 for a game with 6 hours of game play and $60 for a game with 600 hours of game play.

    I’m quiet happy to pay more money for a game that has provided me more hours of entertainment. I don’t think of it so much as $15 for 5 maps, I prefer to think of it as $75 for the entire game, which is very reasonable. Especially when games which are far smaller cost a similar amount.

    • I agree. It’s a value for money issue.

      MW2 is in machine all the time and gets several hours use per day. It’s the best game on PS3 in my opinion. I purchased many other games at over $100 each and played them for half an hour or so. I have a massive stack of PS3 games collecting dust. Now to save money, I just play MW2 and don’t even bother buying any games at the moment. I borrow them off mates if I want to try them.

      $22 for something I will get over 100 hours gameplay out of easily is great value for money. I for one will be downloaded the new maps as soon as they hit the PSN!

  • I bought the first pack expecting a revamp of the returning maps like maybe opening up some of the buildings etc, as a lot of people I was dissapointed with the fact nothing like this was done, but also think a game like this needs to be refreshed from time with new maps and challenges otherwise it would jus become boring!!! So I will be buying the new one despite the rediculus charges they’ll charge! NPT 4Life

  • Further evidence that if the mass market continues to reward developers for ripping them off, the developers will continue to rip them off without shame, laughing all the way to the bank.

  • A lot of people are whinging and complaining about paying for these map packs. I work two jobs, and study at uni full-time, and money is tight. Still I can honestly I am not bothered at all about paying the price of the maps. The amount of time I spend playing Modern Warfare 2 is obscene.

    I find the maps to be great value for money. At just over 4 quid each I get heaps of use out of them. I guess if you didn’t play the game that much you might not be so happy to part with your money. I loved the original maps, so I’m looking forward to a mix of old and new again.

    By the way, need more Aussie friends on PSN to get better MW2 matches. Anybody can add me, however I usually play Hardcore modes only (TDM, SD, HQ)
    PSN: xinistri

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