Modern Warfare Map Pack 2 Coming Out In Late 2010

The second map pack for the blockbuster Modern Warfare 2 will be released in the second half of 2010, an Activision executive confirmed today. That will be the first fresh dose of Modern Warfare since the recently-issued Stimulus Pack.

Activision's Thomas Tippl said that the back half of the calendar year will include both the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops as well as the Modern Warfare expansion. Black Ops is in development by Activision's Treyarch team. The second map pack, Tippl said, is being made by Infinity Ward.

No further details about the map pack were offered.


    "The second map pack, Tippl said, is being made by Infinity Ward."

    By Infinity Ward minus Infinity Ward that is. (Garfield minus Garfield inspired joke)

    Also, Modern What-now? I think I once knew a game by that name... but it was oh so long ago

      Infinity Ward is now John Arbuckle

    Im willing to bet it will be released around when Halo: Reach is released.

    as well as the Modern Warfare expansion

    im sorry but it is no expansion

    my experience with the current map pack( someone gifted it to me so i figured i should give it a roll) is that its laggy as all hell and i cant chose the gametype i want to play on it

    oh and remember that whole itll bifuricate the community to have dedicated and non dedicated servers what pray tell do they think the map pack has achieved

    I can't imagine the map pack will be particularly great, especially after they lost so many of their developers. Doesn't really matter though, it will still sell millions and justify overpriced DLC even more.

    I'm amazed Kotaku hasn't given more coverage to the farce that has proven to be the PS3/PSN Stimulus package launch. It's a complete joke.

    Wonder if they'll price this one lower to compete with Halo that out round the same time. Doubt it though.

    I'm suprised they've even had the people to design the maps!! They must have used to cleaners or something

      they don't need to drop the price. people will still pay for it at the same high price. if they are fans of the game they will need to buy it to keep up.

    pay $22 for map pack or $70 for new game? hmmmm

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