More Sonic 4 Video Spills Onto Internet, Threatens Wildlife

About a month ago several videos purporting to show gameplay from Sonic the Hedgehog 4 leaked out. This one, visually consistent with the others, shows a new stage: "Mad Gear Zone."

YouTube user SuperBlizHedgehogRev got these up on Friday and they've managed not to get smashed down by a Sega copyright claim since then. Skip ahead to 3:14 to see him turn into Super Sonic, whose power can only be stopped by a phenomenon known as The Bottom of the Screen.

[via CVG]


    looks slick, but the animations for sonics jump just look soooo wrong!!!

    Super (Saijan) Sonic does look great though

    Looks like fun. Still not sure that Sonic's burst attack should have survived the transition, but this looks fun, at least.

    Looks like Sonic needs a haircut... In any case, wasn't this meant to follow on from Sonic 3? Why'd they ditch the other shield types and drag the viewing range in so it's more like Sonic 2 (which is exactly what this level reminds me of)?

    Copyright Claimed.

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