Nathan Drake Off To Norway For His Next Adventure?

Nathan Drake Off To Norway For His Next Adventure?

Sony Europe is engaging in some curious marketing over on a German website, hinting that the future adventures of Uncharted hero Nathan Drake will take him to Norway.

Drake has a page on meinVZ, a German Facebook clone, and it looks to be maintained by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. On it, a recent status update reads “Wahrscheinlich ist es Wahnsinn, aber ich will der Sache nachgehen. Werde nach Fredrikstad fliegen, Amundsen Heimatort. Muss es wissen!”

Or, in easier to understand words, “This is probably crazy, but I’m looking into it. Flying to Fredrikstad, Amundsen’s home town. I must know!”

Fredrikstad is a town in Norway, and is the birthplace of Roald Amundsen, a famed polar explorer who was the first man to ever reach both the South and North Poles.

Where it gets interesting is that Amundsen went missing in 1928, and while the plane he was flying in was later found, his body was not. And where it gets really interesting is that previous updates left on the meinVZ page earlier in the year tell of Amundsen writing about finding 25 million year-old cities buried under the ice.

Certainly sounds like a trail Nathan Drake could find himself on. I wonder, with E3 just around the corner, whether some sizeable singleplayer downloadable content could be in store for Uncharted 2?

Nathan Drake [menVZ, via Play3]


  • Sounds good! Thought what I really would love to see is Drake and the crew/cronies head to Atlantis. But still, EXCITEMENT!

  • I think an Uncharted game based on Norse mythology would kick some serious ass. But half of the second game was filled with ice and snow, are they really going to do it again? I’m sure Naughty Dog will make it work if this turns out to be true. But, I just want to see some variety in the scenery, Norway and northern Europe should provide that in spades.

  • I was hoping he’d hit the dunes of Egypt or deserts of Babylon.

    A Euro trip is appreciated, still.

  • Finding some sort of major factual historic artifact would be awesome, what’s something that’s been something people have been looking for, for centuries? The Holy Grail, Atlantis, Excalibur, Noah’s Ark?

  • What would be super awesome is an Uncharted 3 due for release this year! 😀
    Thats going a bit far – but I seriously want his next adventure ASAP!

    And longer! And better! Could it be possible? Hopefully.

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