Need For Speed World Starts Its Engines In July

Need For Speed World Starts Its Engines In July

EA’s massively multiplayer online racer goes live on July 20, giving PC drivers a chance to experience the mix of open world driving mixed with role-playing game style progression completely free, to a point.

Need for Speed World is free-to-play, meaning that anyone with a PC strong enough to handle it can download the game, setup an account, and experience all the races the sprawling world has to offer. It’s sounds like fun, and looks rather gorgeous to boot. What’s the catch?

Well there really isn’t a catch, per se. More like a level cap you can buy your way out from under. Players can reach level 10 in the game without ever having to spend a dime. Gaining power and prestige past level 10 requires the purchase of a $US19.99 starter pack, available at the EA Store, as well as GameStop, Impulse, Direct2Drive and Best Buy.

The starter pack scores you an exclusive ride, beta access, a one-week early start (beginning on July 13), VIP status, and the ability to progress past level 10.

All in all, it’s not a bad deal. Most MMO games opt for the free-to-play model with a subscription model option. A one-time payment doesn’t seem like too much to ask, does it?


  • Will it be actually a one off payment though? Or will they gouge us in little incriments to enable us to keep levelling and progressing though the game? If it is a one off, im in for sure, sounds like a great deal but if it is an ongoing thing, I would like more information. Looks nice though.

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