Neon Genesis Racing

Gentlemen, start your engines. Your bio-mechanical Neon Genesis Evangelion engines.

This Saturday, Run'a Entertainment's "Evangelion RT-01 apr Corolla" team completed its first day or racing in the Super GT300-class grand touring championship series. The team placed #14. The team's Corolla is painted after the Evangelion EVA-01 unit, and the driver's suits were modeled after the "plug suit" worn by Evangelion character Shinji Ikari.

The "race queens" (think girls in skimpy clothing at racing events) donned costumes that were inspired by Evangelion characters Rei and Asuka. One of the race queens is Noa Mizutani, who appeared in Yakuza 4 as a bar hostess.

As competing were teams modeled after Japanese anime Speed Racer and Vocaloid character Hatsune Miku. Beats cigarette and beer ads, I guess!

Evangelion Race Car Team Debuts with Plug Suit Cosplay (Updated) [ANN]


    And this is where I start saving money in the hope that one day that racing suit gets auctioned.

    But seriously, I really need to go to Japan now, the news about the Neon Genesis Evangelion convenience store was awesome as is! :D


    The correct (read: nerdier) opening would have been, "Gentlemen, start your S2 engines."

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