New Left 4 Dead 2 Mutation Explained, ‘Realism Vs’ Made Permanent

New Left 4 Dead 2 Mutation Explained, ‘Realism Vs’ Made Permanent

Valve’s weekly update to Left 4 Dead 2’s gameplay altering Mutations brings us “Follow the Liter”, a new spin on the gas guzzling Scavenge mode. The better news? The game’s debut Mutation is going to be a permanent fixture.

Voting for the regular institution of Realism Versus mode was an resounding “Yes!” according to the latest Left 4 Dead blog update. The timing of that permanent change is still TBD, but factor in the usual amount of Valve Time. It remains to be seen whether this week’s Mutation, which spawns only one set of gas cans at a time during Scavenge mode, will be as popular. Let’s find out together, shall we?

Up next, “The Last Gnome on Earth”. I’m guessing the Gnome has succumbed to the zombie infection. Keep in mind I’m awful at guessing.

Week 3 [L4D]


  • Are there people still playing normal VS? Or the new realistic VS? I hired L4D2 for the weekend looking to do some online but it seems like everyone must be playing the mutation of the week gametype, which I can’t get into without the DLC. So that kind of sucks.

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