New Medal Of Honor Trailer Aims For The Heart

New Medal Of Honor Trailer Aims For The Heart

Modern warfare first-person shooters have a new contender in Medal of Honor, EA’s current day reboot of the former World War II shooter series. The game’s second trailer puts less emphasis on explosive action than it does tugging at heartstrings.

Oh, there’s an explosion or two near the end, so don’t think that this new Medal of Honor teaser is a complete waste of time. If Electronic Arts and developers EA LA and DICE are going for a more emotionally engaging angle in addition to making shit blow up in Afghanistan, consider us interested.

EA revealed today it will release Medal of Honor on October 12 in North America, October 14 in Australia and New Zealand, and October 15 in Europe.


  • …Will we actually see a good single player campaign with a story!? Like Allied Assault!? Please say yes EA!

  • I hope the graphics are actually decent. EA made big promises with BC2 and the graphics stink- good game regardless though.

    But I’m not really that interested. Modern Warfare 2 and Bad Company 2 has saturated my taste for these kinds of games.

    • You wouldn’t say that if you’d played the Single Player On PC. It’s stunning. Right up there with the best.

  • the launch day is a couple of weeks before the next CoD hopefully this isnt them releaseing early to try and stop the sales going to that

    because after battlefield launched early the last thing we need is for another one to do it too

  • Graphics look good – IF this is using game footage to create it.
    I dunno if i’m gonna buy into it though, not with DICE doing the multiplayer which will most likely be exactly like BC2.

    May hire for the campaign – but i’ll probably get Black Ops

  • Why is everyone ragging on BFBC2? It’s probably one of the best multiplayer games ever. I’m glad Dice is doing it and I’ve got great hopes for this game.

  • nice i cant wait i agree i hope this doesnt effect sales because of cod and i hope treyarch will make a DECENT multiplayer and singleplayer one not like MW2 just good single and bad multi

  • Looks like they are going to actually use some actually operations as context.
    This little teaser reaks of Operation Anaconda (2002)

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