New Splinter Cell, Built On Conviction, In The Works

New Splinter Cell, Built On Conviction, In The Works

Ubisoft Toronto, the new big-game studio overseen by former Assassin’s Creed producer Jade Raymond, is working on the next Splinter Cell. Development will involve talents from Splinter Cell Conviction studio Ubi Montreal. No title, details or release date.



  • noooo!!! make it better!!!!! youve got games that have come out or are coming out that look like sex. got to make the new splinter cell look like some freaky ass german shit. you know them germans *SHAMWOW*

  • Another Splinter Cell? Well if they’re doing that, I have a few recommendations:

    1) Remove the (I’m here to screw the stupid sod who actually decided to buy the game legally) DRM system for the PC, or make it so that you don’t need an internet connection 24/7 and have the game stop and random intervals because your connection has the ‘hiccups’

    2)Actually adhere to the fans who have enjoyed your series so far, i.e. A longer, much more well developed story, a bit more challenge in the gameplay and SMARTER enemy AI (It seems since Chaos Theory the enemy AI has progressively gotten dumber)

    As most of these recommendations will never actually reach Ubisoft, I leave it to anyone who can come up with much better recommendations

  • Sounds good i just hope if it WILL come on ps3 that wont be exclusive that would be odd, exclusive on 1 console then the next, that wont be a good strategy

  • Looks like many of the major players from the Conviction dev team are heading over to Toronto for the next game. Shame, I was hoping for a new set of designers/ directors for a different take on Conviction’s gameplay. A new engine wouldn’t hurt either.

  • Awesome!! They should have had time to figure out that that particular DRM was a big mistake by then and I’ll actually be willing to buy it! Yay!

  • Personally, I’d rather they lay the series to rest. It ended on a really good note in my opinion (ignoring the ridiculously short campaign and DRM on the PC version). I like it when a series goes out on a high rather than a low.

  • Built on the Conviction ENGINE i hope you meant to say?

    Return to basics – creating a new formula or starting fresh and mixing it up works sometimes. And Conviction is still good – but its not Splinter Cell that people and fans love.

    Return to basics! Even if it means going to a storyline that doesn’t continue and goes back to when Sam was working back in Chaos Theory days.

    Hopefully Hitman when it returns stays the same and doesn’t pull a Conviction on us – what will the stealth fans have left?

  • Dear Ubisoft,

    I have a million dollar idea. This is guaranteed to generate 20 million copies of purchases. When you use it, don’t forget to credit me. Can’t believe you guys haven’t thought about this yet:

    Scan a 3D high resolution, photorealistic image of Jade Raymond. Put her into a game. Whatever game. Splinter Cell, Assassin’s Creed Volleyball Paradise, Rainbow Plus+, whatever. Just do it and thank me later.


  • I don’t know what you guys are talking about but they need to make the new one based on the conviction engine. That shit was hot :D. Plus remake the multiplayer so we actually have some team deathmatch and more people for a free for all for us more Hardcore gamers. Because I want to be able to play the game endlessly without getting tired of it.

  • Look all i want is a new splintercell with the same online gameplay as chaos theory, maybe even a splintercell anniversary with the same online as chaos theory. But dont make it all completely different and stuff, just make new maps and stuff, and up the graphics plzzz 😀 ps: splintercell 4EVA

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