New Steam For Mac Games All About Mac Vs PC Play

Mac gamers, fire up your installation of Steam today for some first-person shooter thrills, courtesy of cooperative survival horror shooter Killing Floor. Tripwire's 2009 action game leads the latest batch of Steam games available for the Mac.

No, there are no heavy hitters from Valve this week - no Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress, Counter-strike or Half-Life games - but there are Madballs. For a list of the new additions, some of which are cross-platform compatible for Mac versus PC multiplayer and some of which are on sale this week, read on.

  • Killing Floor - $US13.39
  • Madballs in Babo:Invasion - $US4.99
  • Altitude - $US4.99
  • Hearts of Iron III - $US29.99
  • Chains - $US4.99
  • Caster - $US4.99
  • Eschalon: Book I - $US19.99
  • Windosill - $US2.99
  • Simplz Zoo - $US4.99
  • Europa Universalis III Complete - $US29.99


    hmm i only have TF2 and CS:source already purchased for pc.. maybe next wednesday :)

    can someone wake me up when they release TF2?

      Yeah there's a certain amount of pressure for them to release the "steam native" games for mac now.

      I guess (free!) portal took some of that heat off though.

      Wake you up?

      Someone tell me when they are releasing it so I can go have a snooze.. the servers will be littered with noobs that week..

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