New Zelda? “Easier To Play”

New Zelda? “Easier To Play”

Nintendo is working on a new Legend of Zelda game. And according to Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto, the game will be easier to play.

In an interview with German site Gaming Media (via website 1UP), Miyamoto said that Nintendo is “creating a new way to play the game”. Continuing, he added, “We are trying to make Zelda, which has become very complicated, easier to play.”

As 1UP points out, Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma said in late 2009 that if Nintendo continued to follow the same structure, it might not be able to offer fresh surprises to players. “So we have been trying something new in terms of the structure of the Wii version of the new Zelda game this time,” Aonuma said at the time. “I am really hopeful that people will be surprised with the changes we have implemented for this Wii version.”

That “surprise” better not be Zelda but easier.

Miyamoto Discusses Major Changes for Zelda [1UP]


  • I’ve played all the Zelda games on Gameboy, Gameboy advance and DS (except the latest one) and they are super easy. His talking about Zelda on consoles but I hope they don’t do the same thing to Zelda on hand helds because it’s already super easy on them.

  • Waaa I’m so nervous hearing this. I hope they show some actual stuff soon. I loved TP but I can see that it isn’t casual friednly. Thing is, I don’t think Zelda should be a casual game!

  • I hope by ‘making Zelda easier’, Miyamoto means easier to control / interact with, and not ‘this game is not difficult’. One of the best things about Zelda is that it can be difficult if you don’t think things through.

    • I’m thinking the exact same thing, but I thought Twilight Princess was already easy enough to play controls-wise. I can only assume they’re going to dumb it down for the masses that have picked up the Wii only because they wanted Wii Fit. We can only hope they don’t do that though…

  • “… the Wii version …” So it’s going to be on more than one platform?
    Also, hopefully by easier they mean waggle-free.

    • “I am really hopeful that people will be surprised with the changes we have implemented for this Wii version [OF ZELDA].”

      Not implicitly said, but It’s implied. He’s referring to the fact that this version of the FRANCHISE is on the Wii, and that defines some properties of the game.

  • I doubt they would make the game easier, since apparently they’re making Super Mario Galaxy 2 harder?
    Hmmm…”Wii Version”
    Do you think they could pull a Twilight Princess and port this game for the next gen console as well?
    They could be developing it in HD then scale it back for the Wii version…and the controls would be very similar, since the Wii’s successor would most probably have motion.

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