Next Silent Hill Movie Begins Filming Soon

Next Silent Hill Movie Begins Filming Soon

The sequel to 2006’s Silent Hill will begin shooting in Toronto in spring, the film’s producer says.

Speaking with Fear.Net, Don Carmody, the producer of both Silent Hill films and the upcoming Resident Evil: Afterlife, said that production on Silent Hill 2 is moving forward despite the hate mail he is receiving about it.

“We have always been cognisant of that – we can’t make the movies just for gamers,” he said. “Of course, we always run the risk of incurring the wrath of the gamers – who are very vocal. I did Silent Hill and we are planning a Silent Hill 2 – we were getting hate mail for that one.”

Carmody says they plan to start on Silent Hill 2, meant to be a “more accessible” film than the last, in late spring in Toronto.

The producer also talked a bit about Resident Evil: Afterlife, which he just finished shooting. The fourth in the series will bring with it plenty more “zombies” and 3D.

“When Alice is running down a corridor firing machine guns, the shells are whizzing past your ears,” he said. “It’s quite amazing.”

‘Resident Evil: Afterlife’ Set Visit: Producer Don Carmody [Fear.Net, via Hell Descent, thanks CJ]


  • I thought to myself ‘no, no, be positive, sequel could be good, we don’t know that’. Then he said ‘more accessible’, res evil 4 has more zombies in 3D, and that bullets flying past you is amazing.

    No, it will most definately suck. Suck suck suckedy suck. Godh help us all if they decide to do SH2’s story, but by the sounds of the ‘older protagonist’ from the linked article, that’s possibly a no. Unless it’s an old James? Bah, who cares, It’s got suck written all over it.

  • The new RE will suck. I didnt mind the first Silent Hill besides some really bad acting on part of the little girl. She ruined the movies mood. Horrible acting, even if she is just a little girl. Also, great, they are going to ruin another game movie by making it more accessible. Have they NOT learnt there lesson from Doom, RE and all the others? SH only done so well because IT TRIED TO STAY TRUE TO THE GAME!

  • hmm, a movie based on Silent Hill 2 being “more accessible” than the first? I have no faith this will be true to the source material and therefore very little faith it will be good.

    Horror directors (and some game designers, come to think of it) need to go back to the Hitchcock school and realise Horror is created by what we can’t see and explain.

    Gore should be a trail left behind in the wake of exploring the unknown,not the end point of the journey. Horror stems from the unknown and in some cases, the unknowable. The creepy fog-ridden atmosphere in Silent Hill is so much of what drives the story forward and labelling it as “accessible” makes me think this will be about as enlightening to the genre as Saw 2 and will very possibly compare about as favourably to the original.

    On the plus side, at least if they rip off Silent Hill 2, they have a reason to include Pyramid Head.

    I would dearly love to see the horror movie Silent Hill should have been where the landscape inspires the protagonist to think deeply about their psychological issues and those of others and this causes the town to warp as they are slowly folded into the Otherworld created by their own mind. This could be achieved with talented direction, but it would need an incredible script which is highly unlikely and potentially acting too high-caliber to be in a sequel to a movie based on a game.

    Silent Hill did manage to retain some similarities to the game, with the exploration of a strange cult dedicated to the resurrection of some primal evil. It was the representation of that evil which failed, becoming just another meaningless spectacle of gore and metal.

    Silent Hill infuses everything with layers of meaning and subtexts and a horror movie has to please a crowd of people who like to see a screen turn red. There isn’t as much overlap there as there potentially needs to be to make the movie good.

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