Nintendo Can’t Quit You, Instruction Manuals

Nintendo Can’t Quit You, Instruction Manuals

It seems we may have been a little premature in declaring the death of the printed manual, with one of the world’s biggest publishers going on record saying that there’s life left in the printed word yet.

Nintendo has told Eurogamer that it has “no plans to move away from including [paper]instruction manuals with our packaged software”, a timely statement considering consumers in Japan and Europe are about to get a DVD manual with Super Mario Galaxy 2.

The statement is part of a larger feature on sustainability and environmentally-friendly practises from video game publishers, which is great reading for fans of soy-based inks, bioboxes and “recyclability”.

How green is the games industry? [Eurogamer]


  • I gotta say, I still read them.

    Really, though, they should only be employed when they add something to the theme, not just when they want to recite simple lessons like A = jump, when that’s the first thing in the tutorial.

  • I’m all about the box + Manual. The bigger the manual the better. I don’t read the instruction parts so much, but more the character profiles and look at the lovely illustrations.

    Plus if you take away manuals you’re killing the fun for collectors… i mean how can we state that we have a “complete” something if it was never complete in the first place?

  • i ABSOLUTELY HATE NOT HAVING A MANUAL. there’s just something about having it in hardcopy that makes it dear and makes you want to love and cherish it, rather than just in a folder in a computer or disc.

  • Today I played TvC with the instruction manual on my lap reading the combos and advance gameplay devices while playing the game without having to pause the game or obscure the screen with instructions. It was great.

    Good on ya Nintendo.

  • Wooo! Go manuals! I love ’em!

    I spent many hours as a kid reading and re-reading all our NEW manuals, and I still like to read them. It really adds to the fun of buying a new game.

    Good to see all the positive comments about physical manuals.

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