Nintendo: Don't Judge Our 3D Just Yet

Love it or hate it, 3D is making major waves. Nintendo is the latest company to jump on the 3D express by releasing a glasses-free 3D handheld gaming device tentatively called the Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo doesn't only make games for hardcore players. It also makes games for the casuals. So when the company stated it would be releasing a 3D gaming portable, you know it was thinking about targeting the largest audience possible. At a recent financial briefing, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata was asked whether or not the Nintendo 3DS can appeal to casual players.

"First, about your impression that 3D games are more for heavy users, I do not understand why you feel that way," Iwata replied to the question. "When Nintendo offers a new video game experience, we are basing it on our gaming population expansion strategy and have been creating software that can be enjoyed by a very wide age demographic encompassing 5 to 95 years old."

Thus, Nintendo aims to entertain players "regardless of age". Continuing, Iwata added, "Accordingly, we do not think that 3D games will mainly be for the heavy users. I feel that what I am trying to say now must be very hard to understand unless we can show you something tangible that will make you say, 'I see, 3D used in this fashion is accessible to anyone.' So, we'd like you to hold your judgment until we show you something concrete in the future."

Investor Relations: Financial Results Briefing Q & A [Nintendo]


    I'm so sick of all this wide demographic crap, and it's not going away. It's like hearing about the new attention on facebook and 'social' and 'casual' games. This industry is heading in a sad, sad direction on behalf of some, such as Nintendo, that deserve to be doing better.

    Never thought I'd hear myself say it, but thank god for Sony and Microsoft still...

    I'm all for targeting wider, 'casual' audiences, but with the amount of shovelware flooding the market (particularly for the Wii and NDS), I could envision a repeat of the '83 Games Crash.

    Handheld 3D systems don't particularly sound hardcore to me, so I don't see where all this hardcore 3DS notion is coming from. The 3D has the potential to be used extremely well by some enterprising developer, and it has the potential to become the new Wiimote 'waggle' gimmick.

    While I look forward to more news about the 3DS, I won't hold my breath either.

    Lol at saying Nintendo makes games for everyone. Nintendo makes games for children, families and casuals. That is a large audiance but it's not everyone.

    Also I'm not saying just making games for children, families and casuals are bad just don't lie and say you make games for everyone.

      "not grey" and "without space marines" doesn't mean "for children". Just FYI.

    Hardcore doesn't really seem to work for handhelds. Nintendo have dominated the market since the game and watch, but now Apple seems to have stolen the "Shovelware for your pocket" crown.

    Handheld games will always be a generation behind consoles, so the HC crowd will generally not want the nostalgia of a powerful handheld when they can play HD current gen.

      Try telling Pokemaniacs that they are not hardcore.

    If i were a parent i would not want my 5yo playing video games at that age.

    I would want them actually experiencing what I was doing at that age and playing activities outside. First gaming console for me was the SEGA and it was shared amongst the family. Couldn't tell you what age i was, but i sure as hell didn't play it every day or very long either.

    The first console that was MINE only was the Xbox - the Playstation 1 was a family one aswell. Thats just wrong Nintendo - no matter how hard you try to look innocent doing it by putting in "Go play outside for a bit" messages in games or developing Wii Fit.

    Besides, since when did Nintendo become hardcore?

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