Nintendo Game's Box Art Is Turning Japanese

The European box art for Wii shooter Sin & Punishment: Star Successor contains an unexpected surprise: a reversible cover, letting you forgo PEGI ratings in favour of something a little more Japanese.

The "alternate", printed on the reverse of the standard art, is above, the game's title displayed in Japanese across a gatefold cover. Note it's not the same as the actual Japanese cover, which is something entirely different.

The game's standard European cover is below. The irony here being it's pretty good as it is, and not a necessary measure to mask an awful piece of "localisation". Still, choice is always nice, and hopefully more publishers can do something like this. I know all the Australian releases of Miyazaki's films have included Japanese reverse covers, which nearly always look great.

Análisis : Sin & Punishment: Successor of the Skies [Revogamers, thanks Jeff!]


    As you say, the normal cover is damn good as is. But this should really become a norm for all releases - most of the time its available i've used it (whether dvd's or games).


    You make people buy your games

    Both of the God of War PS3 releases had images on the inside. I turned both of them around- one of them (maybe 3) works pretty well, but the other one ends up with Kratos on the back cover and nothing special on the front.

    Huge fan of reversible covers, though.

    I am probably going to skip Nintendo's next control just so I have enough time and money to buy all the current-gen games that I have missed and am planning to miss...sorry Sin and Punishment 2, Mario and Zelda takes priority for me.
    I love me my rail shooters, though, so you'll get your chance in the future.

    Great fan service


    Well that's probably an exaggeration. But this is such a great idea- anime companies have been doing it with their DVD covers for YEARS, I'm amazed it's taken this long for gaming companies to pick up on it.

    And oh yeah, I am DEFINITELY getting this game. I've been hanging out for it ever since they released Sin and Punishment on the Virtual Console.

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