Nintendo Stress "Glasses-Free" Aspect Of Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo Stress "Glasses-Free" Aspect Of Nintendo 3DS

While Nintendo possibly isn’t showing the Nintendo 3DS until the E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles, today in Tokyo, Nintendo provided vague hints about what is to come.

Several insiders tell Kotaku that Nintendo Chief Financial Officer Yoshihiro Mori played things close to his vest, unwilling to divulge too much about the upcoming Nintendo 3DS. However, he did mention that Nintendo had spent a great deal of money developing the upcoming handheld gaming device.

Nintendo did state that the Nintendo 3DS would have ample security. This makes sense in light of Nintendo’s crackdown on piracy. While unconfirmed, it is assumed that Nintendo will be using DRM-outfitted cartridges for the upcoming handheld.

And while the product’s reveal might have seen sudden and strange even, Nintendo stated that it has been developing this new portable device for a significant period of time. Nintendo is always developing new products, but the reason why this product has made its way out of R&D is because the technology that powers the device is now at a reasonable price.

Mori pointed out that the 3D aspect is integral to the Nintendo 3DS — interesting that it is integral, because it is possible to switch off 3D — and that is will certainly be used to sell the portable and the game software. More interesting is that Mori stated that the Nintendo 3DS’s 3D is not akin to the pseudo 3D for Nintendo DSiWare game Looksey’s Line Up.

Instead, Mori described the Nintendo 3DS’s 3D as being like the 3D you’d see on a 3D TV screen, but minus the glasses — perhaps like this Sharp display. But while the Nintendo 3DS might give players the sensation of watching a 3D TV without the glasses, the fact that it is a gaming handheld means that it offers a completely new and different experience from 3D televisions.

It seems like Nintendo is hoping to use 3D in a new way — as opposed to passively viewing 3D images.


  • i hope it reasonable price doesnt make it too weak.. some of the new psp games are amazing.. and truly are bringing core gaming to portables i hope the 3DS suports this as well!.

    The prob i see is that the 3DS could actually be as gfx powerful as the wii.. which could lead to a strange situation.

  • I’m glad it’s not going to be like that DSiWare game. That would have been really disappointing. Think it might be time to update my phat DS.

  • nintendo’s whole pricing strategy has been to undercut the competition, every market they’re in their prices for console/games are lower

  • This could be a very neat handheld, but I wonder is will it be the 3D as in the pop-out-the-screen 3D, or the 3D where it’s just extra depth inside the screen?

    • Did you read the article at all?

      “Mori described the Nintendo 3DS’s 3D as being like the 3D you’d see on a 3D TV screen, but minus the glasses”

      So yes, pop out 3D.

  • Let the countdowns for both E3 2010 showing and April 2011 release begin…

    Simultaneously. And on big Watchmen style twin Doomsday Clocks.

  • Intrigued, but I’ll wait to see the full reveal before I pass judgement. I hope it doesn’t turn out to be gimmicky and used solely by shovelware developers to scam more money out of the casual audience.

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